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Seeking Mo Info: Franklin D. Roosevelt Era Unidentified Crash Retrieval, an Alleged UFO
Covert Retrieval: Urban Legend or Hidden History? World War II Era Close Encounter in the Missouri Countryside

August 29, 2016 launched on December 17, 2004 as a research tool with the focus on one and only one alleged event, a 1941 covert crash retrieval in the southeast Missouri Countryside.

It has been a privilege to speak with the individuals that generously shared aspects of their family history that they themselves were struggling to understand. This author feels gratitude toward each person that donated their expertise, personal experience, or family history.

Covert Retrieval: Urban Legend or Hidden History? World War II Era Close Encounter in the Missouri Countryside
While research into this alleged event will continue offline, research results no longer will be offered at For additional information please visit, Covert Retrieval: Urban Legend or Hidden History? World War II Era Close Encounter in the Missouri Countryside.

As before, seeks contact with individuals that have a circa 1941 southeast Missouri family history. If you, a family member, or an associate have knowledge of a circa 1941 southeast Missouri covert crash retrieval please contact: 
As always, desired anonymity will be honored. 
The Ultimate UFO Conspiracy
A Critical Look at the Research Community

Since inception in 2004, has refrained from public critiques of other researchers’ work. With regret, this site now feels compelled to publicly question certain information about the 1941 event that now appears in the public domain.

The August 19, 2016, History Channel “Ancient Aliens Beyond Roswell” episode highlighted the 1941 Missouri event. The show, as well as other established researchers, offer an exact date for the alleged 1941 Missouri event. Due to inquiries to this site about the promoted exact date, would like to comment. 

The alleged event date is familiar to this site. A manuscript submitted to this site in 2013 offered April 12, 1941 as an opinion about the event date. As time passed, the opinion began to circulate as fact. In confirmation of this allegation please see the October, 27, 2016 Paul Smith FB post, "April 12th, 1941, is my personal opinion of the date of the UFO crash near Cape Girardeau...Anyone who has helped promote my work and its 4/12/41 claim there is espousing my own opinion alone."

In the opinion of this site, the submitted manuscript lacks sufficient data for the event date to be elevated from opinion to fact. Read the alleged evidence for the exact event date and then decide for yourself.

From this site’s perspective, no research in the public domain answers the question of why multiple family history accounts speak of a covert unidentified crash retrieval in the southeast Missouri countryside. No research in the public domain confirms the exact location or date of this alleged event.

It is possible that time and further research will confirm April 12, 1941, or any other spring 1941 date, is an accurate event date. Until proof is available, the date is a theory and should be offered by reliable outlets and established researchers as such. This type of hyperbole does a disservice to the individuals that are seeking an accurate understanding of the events engrained in their family history. 

Now that opinion has been anointed as fact will this information sink into the psyche of sources? “Yes, I remember that date now.” Does a new unproven narrative exist that one is expected to embrace and promote?

Many researchers speak of governments' role in misinformation campaigns that obfuscate the truth about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. It is the experience of this researcher that the UFO research community does a great job of misinformation without overt government assistance.