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Seeking Mo Info: Franklin D. Roosevelt Era Unidentified Crash Retrieval, an Alleged UFO
Covert Retrieval: Urban Legend or Hidden History? World War II Era Close Encounter in the Missouri Countryside

Posted August 29, 2016 launched on December 17, 2004 as a research tool with the focus on one and only one alleged event, a 1941 covert crash retrieval in the southeast Missouri Countryside.

It has been a privilege to speak with the individuals that generously shared aspects of their family history that they themselves were struggling to understand. This author feels gratitude toward each person that donated their expertise, personal experience, or family history.  

While research into this alleged event will continue offline, research results will no longer be offered online. 

As before, this author seeks contact with individuals that have a circa 1941 southeast Missouri family history. If you, a family member, or an associate have knowledge of a circa 1941 southeast Missouri covert crash retrieval please contact As always, desired anonymity will be honored.